How to draw a Kidney!

How to draw a human kidney step by step in easy way for beginners

About kidney:-

A kidney is a pair of excretory organs found in the lower part of our body. Each kidney is reddish-brown, bean-shaped and has a length of 10–12 cm and a width of 5–6 cm. It weighs about 140 grams.

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Outer layer of the kidney is a tough capsule. Inside the kidney; outer cortex and inner medulla; zones are present. Medulla is divided into medullary pyramids.

Cortex extends in between the medullary as rental columns which are known as Columns of Bertini.

Follow the instructions:-

1. Take 2.5 centimetres and draw two arcs.
2. Now Join The Arc.
How to draw human kidney
3. Draw The Inner Lining.
We have to draw this inner aligning for renal capsule
4. Join Both Starting. Like This!
5. Now Withdraw V Like Box.
We have made this we like box for medullary pyramid.
6. Complete All The Medullary Pyramid Boxes.
7. Make The Structure Of Renal Artery, Renal Vein And Ureter.
8. Complete The Ureter.
9. Draw Lines For Medullary Pyramid.
Make lines in the inner V boxes for medullary pyramid.
10. Now We Make Calyx.
Join the lines from narrow point of V box.
  How to draw structure of human kidney step by step in easy way for beginners
11. Make A Joining Line From Calyx.
Now we join all the lines and make it complete.
How to draw a human kidney step by step in easy way for beginners
Now it’s ready
How to draw human kidney structure step by step for diagram
Hope you have enjoyed this step by step drawing of kidney tutorial.

• Important Notes 📒

Each kidney in human being is located between the levels of thoracic and third lumbar vertebra close to the dorsal inner wall of the alimentary canal. Its weight is 120 – 170 gm in males and 120 – 140 gm in females. Above the kidney Adrenal gland is present.
As the kidney is pushed by the liver. Its size is about 5 inches long.

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