How To Draw Human Eye Of Class 10th In Easy Way!

Diagram of human eye
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How to draw human eye diagram easily of class 10 CBSE by practising This technique you can make eye diagram in an easy way to draw.

Step 1. First, we take 4 centimetres.

We need to take scale and compass. Then measure 4 cm.

Step 2. Draw an Arc.

After drawing Arc can we measure from radius of compass.

Step 3. Increase a little bit.

Then we increase a little bit size of compass and draw another arc.

Step 4. Again we draw at bottom.

Now we draw from bottom and live a little bit gap.

Step 5. Now for outer structure, we increase it one more time a little bit.

Again we increase size of compass and draw same structures.

Step 6. Now we Draw the crystalline lens.

Now we make celery muscles

Step 7. we complete ciliary muscles.

Step 8. Now we complete above Iris.

Step 9. Now we complete bottom, Iris.

Step 10. Complete inner structure of the cornea.

Step 11. Now we Draw incomplete outer structure of the cornea.

Step 12. We complete the structure of the optic nerve.

Step 13. Now we draw one side of retina.

Step 14. Make side of retina.

Step 15. Make Dark the structure of cornea.

Step 16. Give a finishing touch.

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Diagram of human eye
So we learn How to draw human eye of class 10

Label The Diagram Of Human Eye.

How to draw human eye of class 10th- fine arts Guruji
So we have done the diagram of human eye of class 10th

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Function of eye :-

  • Makes the adjustment to admit the appropriate amount of light.
  • Eye bands Ray of light to form a sharp image.
  • Eye sent the data about the image to the brain.

Different parts of Eyes.

  • Lens – It helps in bending the light.
  • Sclera – It is an opaque protective covering is called sclera.
  • Iris – which regulates the amount of light entering the eye.
  • Cornea – Like a transparent defensive membrane is called cornea.
  • Retina – it acts as a screen on which image is formed.
  • Pupil – it has a small opening through which light enters the eye.

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