How to draw mammary gland (female Breast)

Here you will get so much easy process to draw the female mammary gland or breast. This process will help you in the board exam of class 12th to achieve wonderful marks free of cost.

About Mammary Gland

The mammary gland is a complex organ in the female. It gives milk for nourishment and disease resistance.

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Easy Steps to draw Mammary gland

Here you will gets step by step process drawing tutorial for beginners. So follow the instruction.

1. Put your protector like this.
2. Mark from 80 up to 140 degree
3. Then draw line from 70 degree up to 90 degree
4. Draw some lines
5. After drawing line in gaps.
6. Then it will look like this
7. Now increase from upper side
8. Now leave it
9. Then draw same parallel line from inside
10. Take it up
11. Now we draw same parallel line from outside
How to draw mammary gland diagram step by step for beginners by fine arts Guruji
12. Take it down
Follow me up to end !

😁😍πŸ₯³ Now it’s readyπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


Specific and innate immune factors associated with mammary gland tissue and secretion also play an important role in protecting the gland from infectious disease.

Parts Cross-section of the human mammary gland.

1.Chest wall

2.Pectoralis muscles




6.Milk duct

7.Fatty tissue


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